Rawest Form of Modern Battlefield

Hand to hand close combat is not a developmental priority within the Military. As a result, soldiers are not prepared to defeat evil in the RAWEST FORM OF THE MODERN BATTLEFIELD.

Sophisticated modern weapons and technology have ruined the purity of warfare. Although modern warfare is synonymous with sophisticated weapons and technology, the possibility of having to survive THE RAWEST FORM OF THE BATTLEFIELD remains a reality.

The rawest form of the modern battlefield is when weapons and technology are not an option. This is what Sin’u-Ra was created for.

Muscular strength, power, and muscular endurance are essential to perfecting the purest form of war and dominating the rawest form of the modern battlefield.

  • Muscular Strength: Ability to exert a maximal force at a single point.
  • Power: Ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible.
  • Muscular Endurance: Ability to repeatedly exert a less than maximum force over a given time.

The rawest form of the modern battlefield requires Sin’u-Ra tactical, technical, principle (TTP) components to be perfected. In addition to muscular strength, power, and muscular endurance, Sin’u-Ra TTP components require fluid transitions between specific traits of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Excitability: Ability of the skeletal muscle to respond to electrical stimuli.
  • Contractibility: Capacity of skeletal muscle to shorten and generate force.
  • Extensibility: Potential of muscle to stretch beyond its normal resting length.
  • Elasticity: Ability of muscle to return to its resting length.
The Battlefield

Societal Issues Determine Tactical Philosophy

A Warrior needs to understand his environment. As we witness today, the world is in chaos. Evil is everywhere and influencing everything. The rawest form of the modern battlefield is no longer just a military concept.

Economic concerns and distrust of leadership seem to be consistent issues throughout time. However, in addition to these issues, the 21st century has unique problems. Technology has become a platform for false information and dangerous “influencers.” Social media and social agendas have negatively programmed society. As a result, the chaos we witness today has become violent.

America is experiencing a “cold” civil war, while also enduring a serious drug problem. There are mass shootings everyday, and “routine” confrontations and arguments regularly escalate into deadly encounters. Nations have always had external enemies. Today, however, nations are divided and the greatest threats come from within. Trust and respect amongst people has disappeared.

These circumstances are usually amplified by corrupt leadership who view instability as an opportunity to consolidate power. These 21st century realities have inspired a specific martial arts philosophy.

Hand to hand close combat is the purest form of war. Sin’u-Ra is a Battlefield Martial Art and the perfection of the purest form of war. To be successful in the rawest form of the modern battlefield, an individual must become Sin’u-Ra.

Today, going to buy groceries has the potential to be just as dangerous as operating a military check point. Both environments represent the potential for a shooting, stabbing, or multiple enemy attack. The civilian population is in denial of this reality.

Sin’u-Ra, the perfection of purest form of war, was created for the battlefield. One can make the argument that Sin’u-Ra is equally needed within the civilian population. All over the world, but especially in America, civilians face the realities of unstable and divided nations. Violent attacks, such as shootings and stabbings, occur on a daily basis. To add to this, criminal activity and extreme ideologies have become mainstream.

Evil needs to fear you. The line between military and civilian environments have become blurred. If the objective is to create a Warrior and dominate the rawest form of the modern battlefield, an individual’s physical development, training, and testing should be centered around perfecting the purest form of war and becoming a Battlefield Martial Artist. Those that choose to accept the Sin’u-Ra path will have an advantage over those that don’t.